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Browse our selection of Red Kap work shirts for men. All the shirts in this category are button down shirts, and they come in a variety of styles, fabrics and colors. If you are looking for an even dressier shirt, check out the Dress Shirts category.
Cotton work shirts, striped work shirts, geometric work shirts, denim shirts... to name a few of the different styles of button down shirts Red Kap offers. Red Kap work shirts are known to be tough, long lasting, and easy to wash. Take a look at the Men's Industrial Work Shirt, for example. Armed with Touchtex technology with soil release, over twenty colors to choose from, and a price of $11.70 ($14.32 for long sleeve), this shirt is a prime example of the quality, diversity, and great low price that makes this category the most popular of any in our shirts categories.

Both short sleeve and long sleeve work shirts are displayed. Please note, however, that not every work shirt will be available in both long sleeves and short sleeves.

Short Sleeve Work Shirts

Long Sleeve Work Shirts

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