Sontara Disposable Flame-Resistant Coverall #KEE2


Sontara Disposable Flame-Resistant Coverall #KEE2
Manufactured by: Bulwark

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Disposable Flame-Resistant Coverall

Fabric: Flame-resistant, Sontara®

Features: Zipper front › Full coverage collar › No pockets › Roomy fit › One-piece, seam-serged construction › Not washable, dispose of garment when soiled › These limited-use disposable garments are not designed as a primary source of thermal protection and MUST be worn over suitable flame-resistant clothing.

Care: Not washable, dispose garment when soiled

Protection: Arc Rating N/A

PROTECT OTHER GARMENTS. PREVENT CONTAMINANT SOILING. Extend® FR garments are water repellent and made to withstand minor splashes without saturation to garments underneath. Use them to extend the life of more expensive thermal protective garments.


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