IQ Series Flame Resistant

Bulwark and powerhouse Milliken pair up for a revolutionary breakthrough in flame resistance apparel. Their discovery of a new molecule led to the development of a new chemistry called Dual Elemental Protection. This is the polyester breakthrough in flame resistance we've all been waiting for.

Polyester is lightweight, flexible, has wrinkle resistance and moisture wicking but in the past, could not be integrated into flame resistance wear without sacrificing protection. It tended to melt. Workers who wanted FR workwear were stuck with heavy, scratchy, stiff garments.
The application of the Dual Elemental Protection chemistry to polyester fibers has finally led to polyester becoming flame resistant. The side of fabric in contact with the wearer's skin is polyester, the outer layer is a protective "bubble wrap" that guards the fabric without blocking air passage. This new fabric is called Amplitude G InGenious FR Fabrics.

The conclusion? IQ series shirts made from this new fabric have almost double the breathability of standard FR shirts with no compromise on thermal protection, giving us a never before seen level of comfort with such a level of protection.
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