Fire Resistant Outerwear

There are a variety of flame resistant jackets and other outerwear to choose from here at I&M Uniforms. We offer everything from fire resistant duck jackets and fleece coats to parkas, sweatshirts, liners, safety vests, and fire resistant rain gear. It all comes with the Bulwark guarantee of protective flame resistance.

Of the FR coats and jackets, the Excel FLAME RESISTANT Team Jacket and the Comfortouch Brown Duck Lined Bomber Jacket are the most popular. Also check out such accessories as flame resistant knit caps and hat liners at the bottom of the page.

Flame Resistant Parkas

Flame Resistant Jackets

Flame Resistant Sweatshirts

Flame Resistant Parka and Jacket Liners

Flame Resistant Coverings

Flame Resistant Hi-Visibility Outerwear

Flame Resistant Hoods, Face Masks, Knit Caps

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