Cool Touch® 2

COOL TOUCH® 2 garments are made from a blend of fibers that are inherently flame-resistant which means that this property cannot be removed by wear or laundering. The Lyocell fiber is not treated for flame resistance, but derives its self-extinguishing characteristic from the presence of the other fibers.

CoolTouch 2 garments cost about 1/12 times as much as EXCEL FR 100% Cotton. Garment life under normal wear conditions is about 2-3 times the life of FR 100% Cotton.

APPLICATIONS: Petrochemicals, electrical workers, and for fire fighter station wear.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: Use around molten substances or welding operations or in critical static control applications.

PROCESSING:For good colorfastness, COOL TOUCH® 2 garments should be washed separately in low alkalinity, surfactant based detergent at laundry temperatures up to 140°F (60°C). Processing in hotter formulas may be required to remove soils but could affect color and shrinkage.COOL TOUCH® 2 garments should be dried at 140°-160°F (60°-71°C) maximum stack temperature so that the temperature in the dryer basket does not exceed 280°F(138°C). Exceeding these temperatures will accelerate color loss. In home laundering, use the permanent press setting on the washer and dryer. Remove promptly from the dryer. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH. COOL TOUCH® 2 garments can be dry cleaned in perchloroethylene solvent.

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