Embroidery Services

Create your names to be embroidered using one of our four standardized text scripts which can be customized with a thread color chosen from our extensive color list. As another option, we also include the alternative of uploading your own customized logo or script for an extra fee (if your file is already digitized, this fee will be dropped-- pricing details below).

Whichever method you use, we will work with you to get the look you desire to add the final touches to your apparel.

Available Emblem Colors
Direct Embroidery and Emblem Embroidery

Both options of direct embroidery and emblem embroidery are available to you whether you use our standardized text or submit your own logo. Emblems are a great choice for striped or patterned shirts where direct embroideries can often blend in. The small size emblem is commonly used for nametags, and the large for company names or logos.

Direct Embroidery


Emblem Embroidery


As pictured above, commonly the left chest displays the company name or logo and the right chest, the employee nametag. These are our two standard positions. However, other positioning options are available with special request.


Standardized Text Prices

Direct embroidery:
$4 for one or two lines of text.
Employee or company nametag embroidered per article of clothing - $4. For both employee and company name embroidered per article of clothing - $8.

Emblem embroidery: Additional $4 added to above prices.

Custom Logo Prices

For first time submission of logo into our system - 1 to 8,000 stitches - $95.00. 8,001 stitches and up- $125.00. This fee is dropped if your image is already digitized. The tajima format with a file extension of .dst is preferred, but other file extensions of .ai, .eps, and .cdr are accepted. Again, if your file ends with .dst, .ai, .eps, or .cdr, the fee will be dropped.

For actual embroidery of logo, the price is $4 to $9 varying on the number of stitches and quanity of pieces.
Once we recieve your logo, you will be notified of the price.

Standardized Text

Pictured below some of are thread colors and the four scripts available for our standardized text embroidery. The font size of these scripts is standardized-- we will determine, allowing for number of lines, what font size is best employed for the allotted space.

Custom Logo

Color / Thread Limitations - Custom logos are limited to 9 colors. Small detail in a logo design may require resizing or an adjustment so that detail can be seen. We can provide a sew-off as a sample of your logo if so desired. An allowance of up to four days will be needed as the time line for sewoff although logos in excess of 20,000 stitches may require longer.

Most image file formats are accepted for upload of your logo. However, having your file already digitized, preferably in the Tajima format, will save you the start-up digitizing fee (refer back to pricing section above for more details).

We want to ensure that the transference of your logo from a digital image to embroidery stitching on apparel meets with your expectations, and we will do whatever possible to achieve this result.

To set up your custom logo order, contact us.
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