At I&M Uniforms, we are dedicated to providing quality customer service and have been committed in doing so for over a decade. In fact, we started off in 1995 as a part-time uniform rental service to serve the local area in the heart of "Amish Country" here in Ohio.

From the very beginning, we have used VF Imagewear to supply our customers with durable apparel no matter what industry they are in. From the dressier, immaculately kept apparel needed for a sales position to the tough, long-wearing work clothes able to withstand such applications as concrete and grease, we've cleaned and maintained uniforms for a wide spectrum of industries. We can say with confidence that the apparel from VF Imagewear and its brands is able endure rough usage and heavy cleaning.

Since our beginning in 1995, we have expanded our business to become full-time though still family-owned. We are very satisfied with VF Imagewear and its brands. Thus, we took it one step further to become a nationwide distributor of VF Imagewear.

As an online distributor, we bring the same outlook towards our customers as we do for our rental service. We know what customers want, what they have questions with most often, and how to answer those questions. Whether it has to do with sizing and fits, embroidery of apparel, or how to clean certain materials, we are here to help. Furthermore, at I&M Uniforms, easy, efficient ordering and fast turnarounds are foremost of our goals in an effort to give you the most satisfactory customer experience possible.

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